The way of the Tao

There is the Tao, and the Tao is everything.

Tao = Omneity :  the state of being all-comprehensive :  allness.

The Tao is completeness, the tao is balance, the tao is one thing and it’s opposite, the tao is wholeness, the tao is completeness. The Tao is everything.

There are an infinite number of ways to talk about the Tao, the yin/yang symbol is a very simplistic representation of what the Tao is or what the Tao represents.  As you probe a little deeper into the Tao a whole new world, a whole new universe, opens up.  In artistic terms, the Tao is the painting and the ‘negative’ spaces.  The glass is always full – if you see a glass half full (or half empty) of water, the glass is really completely full, it always is. It might not be completely full of water or something you can see, but the empty portion is full of air of space, it’s just that we can’t see it, but it’s always there.   Nothing can be completely empty.  The Tao is also the totality of opposites.  And when we talk in terms of light, or love, or positive, what we discover is that if there is darkness, light is also there; if there is hate/delusion, love is also there; when we talk of negative, positive is always there.  It’s similar to the laws of phsyics, that there is always an equal and opposite reaction to an action.  The purpose of Love Tao Mind is to show the light that exists in the darkness, the love that always exists, and the positive side of everything.   What you will discover along the way is that there is always an infinite regression to Love, that love exists in everything and is at the heart of everything.  And that there is a positive side or light to everything.   Love Tao Mind, however, is not reciprocal.  Love can be found in all things, but darkness/hate/delusion can not.  Good is good, but bad is the absence of good and therefore based in good or there is a good layer / element to it.   It can be a little complicated and confusing at first, but as we go through examples and discussions clarity will come out of the chaos, as it always does. That is the Tao, and that is Love.